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SPIRTUAL ENLIGHTENMENT for the parishioners of Hidkal dam, Gokak falls and Chikkodi at DESHNUR MATH, BELGAUM
On 13th March 17, 2016, the enlightenment talks were arranged for the parishioners of Hidkal dam, Gokak falls and Chikkodi at Deshnur math. Nearly 120 participants were gathered including priests and nuns. Rev. Fr. Minim Gonsalves, the priest in charge at Deshnur Math gracefully welcomed all of us with flowers after which he offered us tea and snacks. Fr. Minim Gonsalves initiated the 1st session with the words “to be compassionate” and “be transformed”. Through his talk he transmitted about the importance of love, forgiveness and reconciliation. Then we had adoration and sacrament of reconciliation, this was followed by the Eucharist. After the delicious food, the 2nd session was conducted by Rev, Fr. Cyril Braggs, (principal and parish priest at Madanbhavi school and church) in which he emphasized on recognizing “God’s Mercy” which is a key element in motivation our expression of mercy. The day ended with the words of gratitude by Fr. Lancy for giving us such an effective and enriching talks. The day was wrapped with God’s Mercy.

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